Team 4 Action represents a publishing catalog of over 4000 works in a broad variety of styles and atmospheres. 

Specific enquiries, undefined requests in particular atmospheres or need of original music? Our catalog certainly contains exactly the matching sound for the image in your film, documentary or commercial. 

A preview of some previous syncs:

Mud Flow - Shooting Star in 'Nos Batailles' (film, 2018)

Mustii - Feed Me in 'Ex Funeris' (web series, 2018)

Mustii - 21st Century Boy in 'Emma Peeters' (film, 2018)

La Smala - Succès d'Estime in 'La Part Sauvage' (film, 2017)

Mustii - The Darkest Night in 'La Trêve' (TV show, 2016)

JeanJass - Goldman in 'Grain de Poussière' (film, 2017)

Sttellla - Torremolinos in 'Le Ciel Flamand' (film, 2015)

La Smala - Ca Fait Boum in 'The Dinner' (shortfilm, 2015)

Mud Flow - Chemicals in 'Life is strange' (game, 2015)

Supervision enquiries: